Why You Should Consider Buying New Cables for Your Old Consoles

Ar Tonelico PS2 running at 480i through component cables. This is something for which the effect you don't really see on Wii for some reason, and maybe I'm biased. I use a TV Box to convert all these video inputs into monitor friendly output, and boy was I shocked when I switched from a PS2 composite cable to a PS2 component cable. No, this is not 480p, no funny tricks of any sort. It is just the plain awesomeness from a simple cable change.

Just a simple cable change for an aging console which outputs in 480i produces a dramatic improvement in picture quality. So if you've got a brand spanking new TV with component inputs - don't skimp. Buy those new component cables for your PS2. It'll put your Wii's 480p output to shame. Maybe. (At least through a TV Box. :P)

Just goes to show new cables can indeed breathe life into old consoles.