Looking Back A Year to 2007

1. At the beginning of the year, I still thought Guitar Hero was an average game with a peripheral. There was little doubt in my mind I wasn't going to get into it. Forward to today and Rock Band - you can guess where that thought went. To think it would be triggered by a friend + bongos + DDR. The randomness of my brain and my life is beyond understanding. 2. I made a resolution to study harder than I did in 2006. That obviously didn't go very far - and the degenerating process is still occuring this year. My results seem doomed to enter the land of awful this semester.

3. Surprisingly, I'm following even fewer shows this year than last year. I think a good reason is that there are fewer shows to follow due to the WGA strike and the lot. The effect is somehow spilling over to anime as well, so I'm guessing I'm just not in the mood for watching shows this year. Studying and gaming must be taking some sort of priority I guess.