Shows I'm Following Now

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - Nogizaka Haruka is awesome. Or at least, the first 4 episodes are. I can't find any words to describe it besides being some kind sinful indulgence. =P Code Geass R2 - I didn't watch any Code Geass until during the holidays, when I raided kl's disc library - and then I got hooked instantly. High school kid with aspirations for power gaining the ability to make anyone follow his first set of commands - awesome setup. Coupled with a few crazy revelations here and there, the show becomes a joy to watch - and I have yet to want to watch another episode of anime this much before.

Special A - The show is still ongoing, so I'm obviously still following it religiously. The speed at which Hikari and Kei's relationship is growing is still painfully slow, but hopefully they'll make up for it soon enough. The show is amusing, but now I'm following more out of the fact I've watched most of it, rather than it being good.

I also caught up on Hidamari Sketch, and while I'd have to say the first one or two episodes were pretty bad, the show does eventually do away with the attention breaking randomness and form a more cohesive story after that. It does make a good show overall, but those first few episodes could be dealbreaking for many (being in anachronic order does give the show a better pace than otherwise).