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Webcomic - To Summarise My Thursday

Yes, I've played through Soul Calibur IV. I've unlocked every prefabricated character except Starkiller - mostly due to my laziness to learn how to play Yoda well enough to pass Arcade mode. I can't say I love the game, since I'm easily bored by fighting games, but it is still Soul Calibur IV. It feels harder to combo now, although I think that's probably a matter of practising and memorising the move lists as compared to my button mashing of the X and Y buttons.

If you like fighting games or just the Soul Calibur series, this will not disappoint and is most certainly a must-buy for anyone with a console who can play it. Just maybe, not now - and later when it hits budget price status, since I don't really value it at 60 dollars. Not the worst 60 dollars you could spend mind you considering the oh-so-vast number of games for XBox 360 this year.

I was severely disappointed by the Too Human demo but the Tales of Vesperia demo was a pleasant surprise.

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