Warframe - Fortuna

Digital Extremes released its next “open-world” portion of Warframe recently, following on the success it has seen with Plains of Eidolon. It gives us a ton of new content to go through and a lot of new resources to farm.

One thing nice about Fortuna is that it has fewer layers of tool upgrades to go through - you can buy the best mining and fishing gear fairly early. If I’m not mistaken, the top mining tool is available immediately and the best fishing spear is available one tier up.

Fortuna also introduced a new warframe: Garuda. However, while you can acquire the necessary blueprints fairly quickly, some of the crafting ingredients are locked behind the 4th tier of resources. While I can understand wanting to make the treadmill longer, I think it would’ve been less painful if the blueprints themselves didn’t come that quickly. Instead, we’re treating to the situation of having the blueprints, but not being able to use them!

This brings up another pain point - Toroids. I have a very strong suspicion Toroids were meant as a reward from mission type that has not been implemented yet. When the patch launched, acquiring these was painful - now it is slightly less painful, but as a long-time player with scarce time, I do not appreciate having to farm long periods of time through what seems like an opaque method for what appears to be a fairly rare resource. (Still better than the Wisp situation in Cetus, where farming that was tied to something that isn’t the core gameplay loop of Warframe.) I’m assuming that these will become fairly common once Orb fights are implemented (or whatever mission type was intended to be the main acquisition method for Toroids.)

You get the K-Drive (hover boards!) nearly at the end of the Fortuna introductory quests - it would have been nice to have this earlier, but I definitely appreciate getting it as part of the quest and so early in contrast to Plains of Eidolon where if I recall, it was a consumable you needed to buy a blueprint for (which left many of us wondering how the heck they intended for us to traverse the massive Plains.) The only real pity is that Archwing is so much better for getting around, which leads to us having to give in to peer pressure when getting around missions. Hopefully, when they add new missions to Fortuna, there will be more places where the K-Drive is the best option.

The new Bounties interface introduced in this patch is also great - it’s really quick to navigate and the rewards and difficulty are much more immediately obvious.
Hopefully, they rework Plains of Eidolon’s progression to be similarly friendly - it’s great to not have to worry about several different spears. (The mining gun progression is fine though, in my opinion.)

Bonds are a weird resource - you have to run very specific bounties for certain bonds to sacrifice for moving up the levels of standing. It is highly appreciated, however, that the bonds are completely worthless once you have enough of them - they are still useful for standing and standing is at the very least always useful for buying mechanical fish bait.

Poor Legs. :(