Problems Maintaining Attention and Focus

I seem to have quite a problem maintaining focus on anything. The problem seems to be getting worse lately, and I think I realised why I started talking to myself at some point. Talking to myself helps me maintain focus. I know it's not a matter of interest. I find the same thing happening while I'm gaming. I can drift away halfway while playing a game of DotA, Gears of War, and so on. Needless to say, I won't be getting very far in terms of skill level.

It's also one of the causes of me posting not very regularly on the blog. I'll write properly for about 15 minutes, and then buzz off to somewhere else.

(It took me 2 hours to finish writing this, I wrote, stopped halfway for an good 1.5 hours, and continued again.)

As a note: it's always been a problem, it's just becoming one hell of a noticeable lately. And it's getting worse. :D