First Semester Exam Timetables are Out!

Yay! My first semester's finals timetables are out. It's pretty cool - I have one paper per week. A whole week to study for each paper. I'm in heaven. :D OK, being in heaven is pushing it. I just think it's a rather ideal timetable. Plenty of time to prepare, plenty of time to play and relax too. If you aren't waiting to drag your butt back home or something, the time table is excellent.

I'm currently working on rewriting the prologue for the story. I think it ended up a bit messy and stupid, since I sort of dumped all the supposed tension by saying that there was tension. I think that completely broke the entire prologue's feel, so I'll be rewriting it. I believe the next post of it will be in PDF format, since I think dumping the entire rewritten prologue just like that into the blog is suicidal. :P

Update: u238's blog and drinkingcocoa's blog links have been removed. u238 is in the process of revamping his blog and possibly even moving it, while drinkingcocoa, well, he just ain't updating anymore.