Gaming and Rewriting the Story

I have actually been pretty occupied in real life. I've been gaming a lot lately. My friends have been introducing me to the wealth of Warcraft III custom maps. I've not been playing DotA much, and I still suck at it. :P Among the few maps I've been playing include Pimp Defense, Gem TD, Massacre TD Solo, 7 Hero Siege and I myself have been trying hard to learn mazing techiques using a flash game called Desktop TD. I can assure you though that I haven't gone back and rewritten the story yet. I have been heavily rethinking the story and continuously revising it. While I can already rewrite the first two chapters as I intended and repairing certain foreshadowing facts which went wrong already. Imagine, only two chapters and already an error. I'm holding off in the meantime and planning it a little bit more carefully. :D