World of Data

I was thinking about the world. What if it were made entirely out of data? Data that beings far beyond could modify like programmers of a game? What if the world is built purely on a set of rules, and the original Earth and every other planet were merely random seeds with more data than we could even imagine? What if the entire universe configuration was generated by some advanced random number generator? One powerful enough to generate a number that we couldn't even come close to understanding? What if people among us could modify, reprogram the data as it flowed?

Maybe they wouldn't have godlike powers, but what if they could shift things like market prices, traffic light intervals and even small bits like a given clock? What is the reason for errors in a clock is that some among us can unconsciously alter, modify and influence the small workings of simple pieces of data?

What if someone had the capability to modify larger amounts of data in the world? Altering entire systems of data, bending entire simple systems out of whack? What if someone could completely alter the manner in which a lamp would turn on? What if someone could even read this data flow in advance, making them clairvoyant? What if humans could actually process and understand small portions of this data flow?