And So It Begins Again

A new semester of my studies begins again. Hopefully, that will get my brain running again, and I'll be able to give you something worth reading again. :D If you noticed, the last post was 11 days ago. This time round, it wasn't that I didn't feel like writing anything, but that I had writer's block. I couldn't find anything I could write about, and I have hit a wall writing the story, revealing to me how bad my writing actually is.

I'm hoping to churn out a number of reviews for my reviews category, which will hopefully include some new stuff I have acquired within the past year. The articles probably won't be the best things you've seen around, but I thought I should at least try to keep a once a month schedule if I can't maintain a once a week schedule.

Rest assured that when my writer's block is gone, you can expect to see a few bursts of those every day updates. :D