Looking Back at the Past Half Year

I have no clue what I've been doing the past half year. :D I know I studied, got marks at the finals, screwed up one paper badly but still got a H2A, learned how to play DotA (still don't see how people can play it for hours on end). I've played through several games, including Need for Speed Most Wanted, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Paper Mario: The 1000-Year Door, and so on.

I've progressed in knowledge quite a bit, although I'm not entirely sure how much or how quickly. I got bored pretty quickly, and all I can hope for is a more enjoyable semester during the next few months.

As for the blog, I've let it degenerate quite a bit after I updated the template. I just plainly have nothing to talk about. No class means nothing to rant about. I don't feel like writing out the story now, so that has also been patchy. I'm quitting Magic: the Gathering temporarily, so I'm probably not going to write any more articles from that avenue. I'm a studying student, and I have not gotten any new items to really review or take photos of. Even my Funny Stuff section has gotten abandoned because I think it's not funny, and I think plenty of you agree.

Where does that leave us? Nothing much. Is there any lesson I learned in the past half year? Not really, other than cold weather makes your bed a huge body magnet. I've barely even needed to bring out my jacket since it's not really all that cold, but that doesn't mean I'm invulnerable to cold. I just happen to go out when it's warmer, or when I don't have a chill.

I've started taking longer showers, probably a consequence of it being so comfortable in the shower. I just got my hair cut. It went from ridiculously long (by my standards, maybe that might change in the future) to ridiculously short (by my standards for my hair LOL).

That's all I have to rant about today. :P More later. (Later being possibly as late as never.)