Chapter 2 - 04: Looking Back

"I asked you to stop." The voice was Pandora's. She had somehow gotten a hold of him. Kanya suddenly blanked out for a short while.

"You're not supposed to be on this ship. Moreover, you were heading for places even most crew of the Aegis aren't supposed to go near."

Kanya was speechless.

"Don't you have any excuse for entering when you were unauthorised?"

He had no words to say. He was still in shock of being discovered.

"Your abilities are recovering far quicker than I expected. It looks like I need to bring forward the schedule a little bit. Either way, I can't have you remembering anything within this region of time."

She takes out a syringe and suddenly jabs him with it.

"You don't remember who I am to you yet. You will remember in time. Hopefully, the next time we meet, you will remember who I really am, what I am doing, for what reason I'm doing it. And for your sake, don't go using your abilities unchecked by reason. If you ran into someone other than me, chances are you would have been terminated on the spot. After all, no one on this ship knows you. Not yet at least."

She removes the syringe, and stabs him with what appears to be a needle.

"Unfortunately, I cannot have you recover too quickly. That would ruin my plan and put you in unnecessary danger. You have much to learn before I can allow you to roam freely without supervision."

She removes the needle. Not long after, Kanya falls to the ground. She takes out her PDD.

"I need a medical team at the position I'm calling from. A crew member from the MV2904 somehow wandered in and collapsed here."

"What is this person doing on the Aegis?"

"Who knows? I think he somehow got cleared through the doors. Must have been a glitch or something."

"Why would he come here?"

"Probably got lost. Just hurry up and send a team here. I have things to attend to."