Chapter 2 - 03: Return by Shuttle

Kanya had already returned to his room on the MV2904. His day of shopping was over. At 1. He didn't have the stamina to do it all day. He decided a little change would be good for him, so he went to the orbital station's cafeteria instead. He would try the food on Nakamura tomorrow. They were going to be there for a week anyway. As he was leaving the cafeteria, he saw Cassandra return from the surface. She immediately left in the opposite direction, not noticing Kanya. He followed her to another door. She cleared the security and entered. Kanya was curious. He immediately tried to follow her, but to no avail.

The door rejected his clearance. He thought he should go back. If it was something above his clearance, he probably shouldn't know. He swung his hand past the scanner for the heck of it. It suddenly cleared him. He didn't know what happened, but he continued onward. At each locked door, a mere swing of his hand at the reader was adequate for opening the doors.

An unexplainable phenomena, but Kanya believed someone was leading him to something. He had lost sight of Cassandra. He realised where he was: the Aegis. He continues walking one of the corridors. He could not explain it, but he knew where he had to go. The layout of the ship wasn't foreign to him.

A voice from behind him beckoned. "It's about time you stop." The voice was familiar. He began to run, he knew he shouldn't get caught. He sped forward as fast as he could.