Chapter 1 - 13: Arrival at Nakamura

It wasn't long before Pandora had destroyed at least double as many drones as anyone else could. And then she decided to say something. "Kanya, what are you doing? Stop holding back."

Everyone's attention got pulled towards Kanya's kill count. It was half one of the rookies.

"I'll stop holding back if you will do the same, Pandora."


It wasn't long before the three experienced pilots began to gain kills many times greater than any of the two rookies. They had finally realised that they had a long way to go before being able to challenge any of these elite pilots.

"How in the world did you guys manage to rack up those kills so quickly?"

"Probably experience in high speed battle combined with plenty of talent," Cassandra replied.

Pandora quickly stated, "We're due to arrive at Nakamura soon. The announcement should come any..."

An announcement interrupted Pandora. "We are due to arrive at Nakamura within the next half hour. We will dock with the orbital station. From there, you will be able to take shuttle services down to the surface. We will be meeting the Aegis later, for which all crew are expected to be on board. A schedule will be downloaded to your PDDs which you will be expected to keep."

"OK, so the announcement beat me to it. Let's get ready to leave for the surface. It's bad to be cooped up in a ship for too long."