My Life as of Now

I've been living the life of a typical international student at Melbourne Uni (which means lazy, bored and ,of course, student like life). I apologize for any spam that might have gotten through since my spam filter plugin somehow failed to catch the spam by somehow getting deactivated. I've reactivated it and hopefully removed any spam which I could see.

And then, we have the World Cup. Traditionally, I don't watch any of the games besides the finals or games some people might call notable. This tradition was broken when I decided to follow some friends to another friend's house to watch the first match. (I think it was the first match. Don't ask how uninterested in football/soccer I am. To me, football is only just slightly more exciting than watching cars run around in circles. I do watch cars running in circles, just not very often since it can be less interesting than watching paint dry. Sometimes.)

I've got two more papers before the end, and I fully intend to do the best I can to not screw them up like the first one. :D

Oh yeah, and I reduced the number of posts per page to speed up loading for some people. :P

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