Chapter 1 - 12: Business First

"I'm pretty sure you have no clue why I called you here. Since you are in the military, you should know this is the only room here without surveillance that we can both access," Pandora immediately informed Cassandra. "What is this top secret thing you have to tell me anyway?"

"Erse intends to meet with you when we arrive at Nakamura. You are to take a shuttle to the Aegis as soon as possible. When you arrive, your PDD will automatically tell you where you need to be."

"I don't even have clearance to get on the Aegis."

"You will have temporary clearance when the time comes."

"Can't you tell me anything?"

"Not on this ship, not here. For now, let's just enjoy a light VR session. Whatever I told you is to never leave this room."

It wasn't long until Kanya showed up.

"Pandora is here?"

"Just get in and start playing."

The two rookies Cassandra was supposed to train showed up later. It wasn't long until they decided to determine how good Pandora really was with space combat.

"Yo Pandora."

"What?" she replied as she was busily, but easily cutting through swathes of drones with missiles.

"Wanna show us your skills? Four of us versus you."

"You do know that would be pointless, right? Get real. No human pilot in this piece of junk simulated ship can evade 4 other skilled pilots."

"You're just afraid of losing to us."

"I'd say rather than duelling each other, let's see who can kill more drones in 20 minutes. I'll reset the count and our positions now. 20 missiles."

"You're on."