Funny Things Happen When You Forget

misnamed.jpg I think I forgot that I have a real name. Since all of you know I'm staying at Arrow, chances are I don't have to pixelate most of the address. Of course, I fully intend to ensure that you don't get my room number without doing some research first.

And yes, I have a real name. Yes, I'm forgetful. And yes, if you can't read it, it says cfgt on the envelope. No, I haven't registered as a company yet.

Update: I've been changing colours around to improve readability of some items, like titles and single post section headers. I probably won't be changing anything else - but I might change fonts later. ;)

As you might have noticed, I've already removed the borders and padding around images. This is because in general I don't need borders, and usually they break emoticons and such. Why would you need borders and padding when I'm going to fill the whole thing anyway?!