What Have I Been Up To?

As you can see, I've been looking through themes and I've come upon one I've liked. Expect loads of modifications as time passes, especially colour wise as well some custom changes. I've also been studying for my exams, so my blogging has been spotty these few days.

Do note that I'm using a search function that came built into the skin. It's a little different from WordPress's normal one in the sense that you type in a phrase, and it searches real time (like Spotlight for Mac users) and returns a short list of results.

Some things like the Google Ads and the Shoutbox may look out of place, but I won't be bothering to tweak them to much seeing as I may switch themes in a month or two anyway.

u238 has expressed some viewing issues with the new template, but I've been unable to reproduce them on my Mac. If you do find any issues concerning the new template, please shout or comment and imageshack a screenshot so that I can 'see' the problem. :D