Chapter 2 - 01: What's On Nakamura?

"You guys head off to the shuttle. I have to return to the Aegis to do some paper work," Pandora told them before immediately running off to another shuttle bay.


Nakamura is a human colonized planet. It is located within the Dekaten System nearby its own trade gate. It has five orbital stations with shuttle services to the main cities on the surface of the planet.

The planet has been used mainly for agricultural and mining purposes, as well as residential areas for those who prefer planet-based settlements. It was found already ready for human habitation. There was no terraforming involved with this planet. Hence, massive amount of care has been taken to ensure that human settlement would not affect the ecosystem too much.

It orbits a small star, roughly the size of the original Earth's sun, from a slightly further distance. Hence, the meteorological system of the planet is slightly different from the original Earth, and this somehow, made it suitable for growing modern crops that have been engineered by the GMTi.

It is currently considered to be under the control of the TRi, although the TRi does not use its influence and allows Nakamura to flourish without corporate control. This, in turn, makes it rather attractive to traders and refugees from other parts of the universe.


Pandora is walking down a corridor. The interior of the Aegis is noticeably newer and more advanced than the MV2904. She stops at part of the wall. She removes her PDD and visibly activating a few buttons. A doorway opens in front of her.

All that is ahead of her is darkness. She walks in and the wall section returns to where it was.

"Well, Pandora. What do you have to report?" a hologram in the room appeared and spoke.

"We would also like a status report on the specimen known as Kanya Methodius."

"He must be ready before he is moved onto one of our ships."

"The Kirkor is extremely important. Should the specimen fail to operate as an ordinary pilot, we expect you to take full responsibility."

Pandora, immediately replied, "It wasn't my idea to start this experiment to begin with." She points towards one of 28 holograms in the room.

The hologram immediately replies, "It's true I suggested it, but you carried it out."

"His abilities are still present, so it would follow that his skills should be as well."

"Enough. Pandora, give us your report. We Gifted have no time to continue this pointless banter."

"The pirates we hired to protect the ship and its valuable cargo was being attacked by an unknown fleet. From my analysis of the recordings given to me, I am quite certain the ships were rented from one of the more war oriented colonies in Ryzak Alliance. It will be impossible to determine who ordered who to attack the ship. I have sent some false intelligence through specfic channels. I believe we can expect a massive assault on the Aegis when we enter Arltian space."

"The Kirkor will be ready to assist the Aegis in the battle."

"Thank you, Jon. I can only hope that it will not be necessary," Pandora replied.

"And what of Kanya?" another asked.

"You already know." Jonathan replies. "He will continue to be trained by Cassandra before being transferred over to my ship."

Pandora continues to elaborate, "I have not been able to perform my duties regarding him, but I believe that an opportunity will come within the next 24 hours."

"Good. We await the good news."

"This conversation is to be kept secret from Erse. She will know nothing of this experiment and plan. She was always one to oppose our more radical projects."

Pandora nods in agreement as the entire room darkens as holograms dissipate. She smiles as she leaves the room. Everything is going according to plan.