Internet on the Fritz, and A New Look at the Fantasy of War

As you might have deduced from my lack of recent posts, my Internet has been acting up again. Want to know the strange bit? The lag is so awful that I can no longer access websites normally since it will take at least one minute to tell me that the remote server dropped the connection. After that, it'll take me about 5 minutes to actually load the page. You can easily imagine what kind of horror it is to surf the Internet in this kind of situation. It took me close to forever to do anything beyond nothing. Here's the reallly interesting bit. Despite all the lag and dropped connections, BitTorrent actually works fine over the network. It might be a little slow, but it actually works. It was pretty damn interesting to look at all this happening and it was pretty funny. In a sense, it meant I could see only what was on BitTorrent. The problem cropped up towards the weekend, and I hope it'll be fixed soon. This time, I don't think it is any fault or oversight on the management's part.

However, all of these incidents do tell a tale. TMNet in Malaysia is a far cry from something to complain about. In fact, I don't foresee myself referring to streamyx any more when my connection drops. I'll probably say it Arrow'ed on me. :D

As for Fantasy of War, my lack of a stable Internet connection has led me to be unable to continuously post new pages to the story, and as such, it won't continue until I get my Internet back. (how many times have I put it off by now... hmmm.... I think plenty should cover it). Of course, any time I put it off means that I will continue to develop the depth and scale of the storyline by leaps and bounds. I have just recently added new sections to a later part of the storyline, and am now looking through the current portion of the storyline to articulate better and clearer the point of view I am trying to push.

As you should have noticed by now, all I've been doing is ranting. What else can I do? It's not like I can do anything constructive by just sitting here without a plausible solution to my problem. Of course, as long as I come to uni, can use a computer (PC/Mac/Linux/UNIX) no longer matters much anymore as long as it has Internet, I can continue to study effectively. Probably. Maybe. Or... not.

(This is being posted from an iMac Intel Core Duo with 1.5GB RAM in the CSHE. Since there are an abundance of Macs usually free for me to use, don't expect me to be posting from a Windows machine any time soon since for one, I don't have a Windows machine at home, and most of the Windows machines in uni are usually taken, leaving the Macs to me to post from. Happy news from some, sad news from most. :D)