Poor Yam and His Computer Troubles

(Refer to: http://kcforge.blogspot.com/2006/03/revenge-of-revenged.html for more details.) I just read that the workaround Yam and I worked out no longer works for HELP computers. :( (To be truthful, I merely presented the idea after I saw what happened during a server breakdown, and Yam refined the techniques considerably from there (since he was around the labs more often than I was)).

It's pretty sad that he can no longer access these computers which I believe we should rightly have access to, since we did a whole lot on our fees, and we do need computer access for doing our assignments. Now, of course, this flaw as I had already realised, wouldn't be existent if the software were newer. This is because nobody in their right mind in offices that require far more secure systems would use this kind of security where the entire had drive of the system could easily  be compromised by a simple cable pull.

While this simple cable pull problem could easily be actually an allowance for when authentication servers breakdown, so that work can go on despite failure. this would work if everything was on a central server instead of the computer hard drives.

I was pleasantly surprised by the news the HELP has finally decided to roll out Windows XP equipped PCs into all the labs when I read it, of course, since this upgrade also entails a software upgrade, the result is that until a new workaround is found, there will be no free access to HELP computers. People have to pay. Boo-hoo.

There goes our nice workaround to use free Internet. Of course, since I'm already being made to pay for it here, I have access to most of the student computer labs here. There is no point in trying to break the system here. However, I see plenty of fun in seeing how to break into the other one - again. :D

Until then, may Yam find a way to soothe his lack of Internet at college (without trading off significant amounts of financial resources). (And if you are wondering, yes I am bored. And yes, I have nothing better to do than read other peoples' blogs. And yes, this course isn't close to being to difficult to comprehend despite what people say. And no, I'm not the occasional genius. I got nowhere close to perfect grade for my SPM or my Diploma in Business. That is, of course, unless SPM is a lousy benchmark for future performance (which is what I would like to believe, but I know it's probably not true, maybe.).)