Internet at Arrow is Still Slightly Erratic

As you should already knjow, I stated earlier that the Internet at Arrow on Swanston was a little erratic and I thought that it wouldn't be fixed until a lot later, like about a week after I made that post. They have managed to come up with a temporary fix for the problem: block BitTorrent and block certain routers in the system. However, this does not make it foolproof. It is still possible to easily overwhelm their network server and it still crashes and reboots every once in a while, resulting in a temporary disconnection of every one in the building who then has to wait for it to reboot. Or at the very least, that's my theory. I am, of course, willing to admit that I might be wrong - but I think Arrow probably isn't. Considering that it can't stand the load without BT and without certain routers operating, the server they are using should be pretty much useless. I mean: how many people could there be in the buildling?

And are they telling me that people hammering the server with viruses and worms will cause it to crash? What kind of half-assed firewall are you guys using? I'm certain it can't take the normal load of people at Arrow, let alone bringing in the problems with worms and what nots. On a second note, I am just speculating. I haven't seen their network setup and I have no idea what they are doing. For all I know, they are just using this small office router to attempt to connect the entire building to the Internet (although this should be unlikely, I don't know how anybody would think this would work since this for one isn't an office (meaning loads and loads of not-so-wanted traffic, far more than any typical office can generate) and Arrow ain't small)

I don't know what to attribute the problem to, but I think it was probably just sheer underestimation of how much load Arrow residents and hammering from outside worms could put on the server. I'll just keep on having fun using BitTorrent on this crappy network anyway. Oh yeah, and by the way, this post is being made from uni from an iMac G5 in Union House Computing Centre. I forgot to bring my laptop. I'm just cleaning up bits and pieces of my program so that it is nice and clean. :D

I'm just being really bored and decided to rant. Please do note that this post will eventually be deleted and consolidated into a new post later when I feel like giving you the whole story. :D