Errors in My Text on the Blog

I know a lot of you have probably had a good laugh at some of my grammatical errors on the site. Unlike u238, I do not foresee myself going through my entire 200 something posts to correct errors that I made. If I see one while I am free and have spare time, I will correct it. If I see one and I'm busy, I will just ignore it and hope I remember later. A lot of the errors actually come from me changing the entire layout of my sentence rather than just plain typos. Hm.... let's use a programming analogy. Let's say I used this variable/constant name throughout the program and decide to change it later without a find and replace function, you can imagine what kind of errors happen.

It's how a sometimes disjointed sentence can show up, and the other problem is that my thought process can cycle pretty quickly, leading to swift and quick changes in the sentence structure to the extent that my sentences no longer make sense.

Until then, I shall just live with my errors, and hope you will too. :D