Why I Haven't Posted in a While

I haven't posted in a while because my Internet access at Arrow has been erroneous the past few days. I believe I know what the problem actually is, but since I can't do anything and I don't actually have access to the network room at Arrow, I won't speculate on this site. However, I am suffering from the lack of Internet. Where is this post being made you ask? From a WiFi point in uni. It's highly fortunate that Melbourne Uni has a wireless access point nearly everywhere it needs to be. My PowerBook is, of course, being drained of it's battery as we speak, but it has been about 2.5 hours of use and we're still looking at 58%. Pretty good battery life, I would have to say. :D

If I'm right, don't expect me to be online for a while. (A while being about a week, maybe.) See you later. :D