Having a Good Laugh on the Internet

Where can you get a good laugh on the Internet? All I've been doing these few days is reading a few sites where you can find good, hilarious things to read. Here are those among my favourites (in no particular order):

Things People Said Things People Said just lists all the crazy things people say or write in every day normal things. I believe most of them are real and actually did happen.

Computer Stupidities Computer Stupidities lists tech support calls and events that are sure to outstrip your worst experience. That is, unless you are actually in one of them. Of course, we have crazy computer things too!

The Best Page in the Universe Whether or not this is the best page in the universe has yet to be proven, but he gives his own interpretation of things people make noise about in the real world, reviews some services and stuff in his own unique way which is sure to interest you. Some things are not funny or entertaining, but what the feedback hedecides to display publicly most definitely is.

kennysia.com Well, this is Kenny Sia's blog. He shows you what funny things happen in his life and sometimes purely insights into his own life. He also shares his view on the light side of things and shows off his photographing and photoshopping skills to great hilarity.

bash.org bash.org is a legendary archive of entertaining quotes from IRC chats. 'nuff said.

Darwin Awards Some of you have seen the book. Some of you have seen them happening. This lists some real stories and some urban legends of how 'clever' some members of the human race are. Be prepared.

cockeyed cockeyed is like Mythbusters. They try what you won't try yourself and don't have the time to try yourself, and document every bit of it. The result is obviously very entertaining.

Note: If your site is listed and you wish to have it removed, comment and tell me. If any of the links don't work, comment and tell me also. :D If you have anything to add, tell me, I'll happily laugh over a new site. XD