Chapter 1 - 01: The Year is 3031

The year is 3031. This year is of no significance in history. It is of no significance to any normal person, any average person. Nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen this year that will concern the normal citizen on any of the Terran colonized planets. But for a few people, it will be the first day of a step in the direction of a new life. However, only one of them will cause the shift of events that will alter destinies and fates forever. This one, at this point in time, cannot remember his name. He is among those who have chosen or been chosen to have their memories wiped.

All he will remember when he awakens will be the room he woke up in. This room will be a simple room in a space vessel known as the Medical Vessel Number 2904. It is currently travelling through Dekaten System to Remote Station 29.


The room is unfamiliar to him. He remembered seeing this room before. It was darker before. His eyes blinked a few times to adjust. "Where am I?", he thought. He saw a green light flashing at the door. He got up and walked to the door. He knew it was supposed to open, but it didn't. Seconds later, it opened. He knew it wasn't him who activated the door.

On the other side, there was another man. "I see that you are awake. Come with me, we have much to talk about." In his hand was a large file. It was labelled "Subject 3002 - Kanya Methodius". "Oh yeah, and by the way, I'm Harrison. I see you've already taken interest in this file I'm holding. Yes, your name is Kanya."

Harrison led Kanya down a long series of doors. As he looked back, he could no longer tell which was the room he was in. He had forgotten to take note of his room number. They finally came to a door which led to another hall of doors. Harrison just went into the closest unoccupied room. Kanya had no idea how he knew, but he knew the configuration of lights above the door meant it was unoccupied.