Other Not So Important Lessons Learnt During the Holidays

The next 25. :D 26. My hosting and domain is running out soon. Yikes! 27. The New York City Subway ticketing machines use Windows NT 4.0. 28. They can blue screen, despite the fact that there only is a touch screen with at most 4 - 6 clickable buttons. 29. The NYC subway is expensive. Imagine paying RM7.60 (USD2.00) per ride! 30. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is maze-like and confusing. 31. The map they give you makes it worse. 32. iPods are everywhere, and I think those who scratched their iPod nanos deserve nothing in return. 33. The NYC Subway system is looks simple. Don't be fooled - it isn't as simple as it looks. I don't know where else on Earth there is a local train that suddenly turns express! 34. Their subway system is probably still a whole lot simpler than Tokyo. 35. TGI Fridays and chili's don't cost very much more over there than they do here. 36. McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food outlets are another story. 37. After 19 years in Malaysia, seeing pork on the menu feels strange. Really strange. Even if I've seen it on the menu a hundred times before. 38. Occasionally in the US, you will experience a lack of clouds. A lack of clouds obviously entails a lot of sun. Imagine getting tanned by the sun - in autumn. 39. When you actually use it, the PSP's battery life isn't so bad. 40. Malaysian Airlines deserves more support! I still say it's the best airline available. And no, I'm not doing this out of patriotism. 41. Japanese bookstores are usually a lot larger than other countries' bookstores. We're talking about 2 times bigger, minimum. 42. Always keep your batteries charged. You'll never know when they'll run out. 43. 1GB is sometimes not enough for photos. 44. E-mail enters my mailbox at an alarming rate considering my blog isn't popular. 41 e-mails in 48 hours. 45. A holiday should be spent resting, not walking your legs off. 46. I have no idea what Chewxy is doing to waste time during the holidays. 47. Blogging regularly is a chore if you have nothing to blog about. 48. BitComet might be better than Azureus at maxing out your connection speed. Maybe. 49. Hearing "Bankai" in Bleach is a hell of a lot better than reading it. 50. Writing these lessons posts is fun, but I as sure as hell shouldn't do it again this holidays.