The Five Day Rule/Guideline

I've sort of decided that I should make a good post at least very 5 days that I have access to my computer. Considering my bad case of writer's block, I can't promise that it will be a good post. This means I have no idea how I will write the post and about what. One thing is for certain, it is unlikely to be a piece of story, since I'm still planning the ending properly. The entire storyline is coming out nicely, with most of the main plot already... err... plotted. It will probably take forever to write out on the blog, although the prologue is already completed and posted on the blog. The story is actually written impromptu as I post, and not in actual chapters and posted over a certain amount of time. This usually results in much shorter chapters and a lot less subplot as I write through without much care. This means that some subplots might actually suddenly be forgotten until I reread the entire first few chapters and reintroduce the subplot themes again. My lack of writing has also led to a deterioriation of my typing and grammar online, since I write a lot less now.

As for reviews, I'm striving to improve my game reviewing so that it is at least of a proper game site quality. For now, you will usually find it short and amateurish as well as lacking in screenshots and depth. If there is lack of depth in my review, it usually means the game lacks depth to being with (or I'm just being ignorant). I just played a little bit of The Matrix: Path of Neo, and I'm every bit as disappointed with the graphics and gameplay as I was with the earlier Matrix game. As a result, I will from now on, save myself the trouble and tell you indirectly through my general posts what games I think are not worth the money. Path of Neo is still one of those horrendous movie games. OK, maybe not as horrendous, but certainly quite awful compared to the likes of Quake 4, Jedi Academy (yes, that dated game with the Q3 engine), Battlefront 2, Battlefield 2, and even the beloved Max Payne and its sequel.

As for Magic: the Gathering, it's my favourite pastime now, and I'm still always having fun building and tuning new decks. As of such, you can expect an article every now and then that is completely unrelated to my life and more to my hobby (not so random). However, expect me to pick out single cards and rant about them like I did with Firemane Angel from Ravnica earlier. That being said, I intend to pick out certain cards from certain guilds just for fun as to how some cards fit in with the guild themes of Ravnica and how well they fit in a deck using the strategy correctly.

As of such, expect a post about the same length as this one every five days at least. Still, this might just become another resolution I can't keep. ;)