Life's Lessons During a Long Holiday

I've learnt quite a few things during these holidays. I think I'll list them down: 1. Programming is fun, but planning it is always far more fun than actually doing it. 2. Tinkering with the insides of your computer usually gets you dirty and the computer a whole lot cleaner. 3. AGP slots are obsolete for a good reason. 4. Being able to burn 4.37GB of anime is always fun, but burning 4.37GB worth of JPGs and GIFs is far more of an achievement. 5. A lot of stuff gets updated when you are not around. For me, I believe I nearly missed Macromedia Studio 8, Firefox RC2, Matrix, Path of Neo, Star Wars: Battefront 2, a few codec packs and more! They never get updated when you're around. 6. No matter how many empty discs you buy, you'll never have enough. 7. I'm horrendous at fighting games. 8. Trapt isn't as gory as I'd hoped it to be. 9. Gold plating on audio connectors is a must. 10. People in Bleach don't need ground to move around quickly. 11. In Bleach, when people die, they go to Soul Society. 12. Somehow, they can die. AGAIN. 13. Bleach is full of fighting. The name doesn't give much of a hint to that. 14. Bleach anime is so full of fighting, the only thing worth watching is the fighting. Storyline sections aren't as interesting as the fighting, since blood is everywhere, and despite the fact that you know who is probably going to win, you still want to watch what amazing thing they've thought of this time. 15. In any storyline, when you defeat the first hurdle, twenty more will follow. And they are usually a lot taller or more difficult. 16. I see strange images of people floating around my house. 17. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire feels very rushed when you watched it, but you'll know why when you look at your watch as you leave the cinema. 18. I've gotten a lot worse at Magic than I was oh-so-many years ago. 19. I've made 2000% more decks than I did oh-so-many years ago. 20. I still don't know how to play control decks. 21. I still like combo decks. 22. I think I'm now better at designing cards, but a lot worse at playing them. 23. I can now spot good cards easily. 24. I get good cards from boosters pretty often. 25. Boosters love me. Every time I open a booster, something valuable usually pops up. Good news is, it's usually worth RM20 or more. Bad news is: I usually don't want it. ><

And that is the first 25 lessons I've learnt during the holidays. More to come. :D