Sunforger? Fungus Fire?

Now, on to my not-so-new Magic deck. I decided to toy around with a white-red-green deck. I decided to make the deck simple and I put a few rules to myself while building the deck:1. I must use Sunforger. 2. I must use Sakura-Tribe Elder and Kodama's Reach for colour-fixing, besides the few painlands I have. 3. I must use Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree.

Of course, this deck went the way of the dodo. Then, I decided to look around the net for some deck I could modify or copy from to my budget and whatever cards I already had. This eventually went the way of Fungus Fire. For those that don't know, Fungus Fire is a new archetype that at first glance looks like a bunch of odds and ends. Fortunately for me, I have some of those odds and ends. It doesn't really matter to me that my deck is substandard in most respects, I just wanted to see whether such things could run.

Since I can't afford Wrath of Gods, I went for the cheaper alternative: Final Judgment. OK, the actual Fungus Fire looks similar to this: 2 Brushland 4 Forest 4 Karplusan Forest 4 Temple Garden 3 Mountain 3 Plains 4 Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree 1 Hidetsugu's Second Rite 4 Sakura-Tribe Elder 4 Kodama's Reach 3 Sunforger 3 Devouring Light 4 Lightning Helix 3 Char 4 Faith's Fetters 3 Seed Spark 1 Flames of the Blood Hand 4 Wrath of God 2 Firemane Angel

Sideboard: 4 Pyroclasm 3 Sacred Ground 4 Ivory Mask 2 Scour 1 Tempest of Light 1 Seed Spark

Since I don't have the same resources as the far richer Magic players, I decided to try playing funny and fooled around with a very lame list: 5 Forest 3 Plains 4 Mountain 4 Battlefield Forge 4 Brushland 4 Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree 4 Sakura-Tribe Elder 4 Kodama's Reach 4 Sunforger 3 Devouring Light 4 Lightning Helix 4 Flames of the Blood Hand 1 Hidetsugu's Second Rite 4 Final Judgment 3 Pyroclasm 2 Firemane Angel 3 Seed Spark

I don't play with sideboards since I don't go to tournaments and play in more casual metagames. Now, I'm obviously at some disadvantage for playing Final Judgment as opposed to Wrath of God. To me, Final Judgment is still better than Wrath of God in the casual metagame I play in where Darksteel Colossus gets put into play by Pattern of Rebirth, or Homura, Human Ascendants actually see some serious use. In most cases, Wrath of God is good, but if you see where I'm coming from, Final Judgment is very good and economical. :D (also might help in mirror ;))

First thing most people will gripe about is where are the creatures? No one can claim to seriously play Sunforger and only run 6 creatures in the deck. There's actually a few more creatures than that which comes from none other than Vitu-Ghazi, the City Tree. This deck will likely be forgotten in a few more months as the metagame matures, but I don't care. :D Since I don't play Char, I intend to tune the burn by putting Torrent of Stone to be tutored out by Sunforger.

I've only played this deck once. I've never played it against another competitive deck, but against another casual deck. I'd like to call mine casual since it truthfully is, a stack of odds and ends, which somehow seem to work fine together. I asked my brother whether he was willing to test this stack of odds and ends, and he agreed. After all, what could I do with my stack of odds and ends?

My younger brother played a green-white Selesnya themed deck geared towards aggro. My Selesnya-themed decks are geared towards abusing Doubling Season and repeatable token generators, but that's beside the point. Within a matter of turns, my brother an army of about 8 creatures, thanks to the new Convoke mechanic, but I wiped the board with Final Judgment. I on the other hand, still had nothing on my board except a Sunforger-equipped Saproling. He slowly recovered as a steadily burned his life away with the few cards in my hand as well as Sunforger. Actually, I just burned him once, and swung with my 5/1 Saproling once, to bring him to 8 life.

Then, his army grew back to normal size, and he played Oathsworn Giant, making them out of reach of the Pyroclasm in my hand. By some stroke of luck, I topdecked Final Judgment. The following turn, I played Firemane Angel. The rest is obvious: the following turn I swung for 8, and unattached my Sunforger to burn him with Flames of the Blood Hand for the win.

The deck wasn't really fun to play, but it certainly didn't require much thinking to play. Too many creatures, wipe the board. Too few, make your opponent say hello to your cockroach-like Saprolings. The deck is vulnerable enough to consider playing for casual. It's vulnerable to nearly everything you can name: control, removal - ANYTHING. Heck, people might go as far as to Pithing Needle your Vitu-Ghazi. Of course, that probably wouldn't stop that Seed Spark you were holding in your hand from doing anything too awful now... or would it? ;)

As for sideboard plans go, apparently, people seem to like Scour and Ivory Mask. I've heard of some people working to try and fit Godo, Bandit Warlord in, which is probably a good idea. Of course, I never intend to play this ever. Off I am to abuse Doubling Season!