New Stuff from Apple

As you people very well know, I love Apple stuff. I practically stayed up until 2am in Malaysia to see what they were unveiling last week. I, of course, didn't have time to blog about it until now, since I got dragged all the way back to Melaka in less than a few days to completely find out what the new products actually were. Now I know what they actually were. First is the new iPod. Now, why do I choose the iPod first? Because I want to hammer it. It's a small improvement at best. I fail to see why people would want to watch video on a 2.5-inch screen. If you're desperate to perform such a task, you would first buy yourself a proper media device for it, which for me would be something around the lines of a PSP. While the 60GB model does see some battery life improvement, why doesn't the 30GB? I'm certain the average consumer wouldn't mind giving up 1.2 cubic inches of pocket space and a little more weight for 6 extra hours of music. The other thing is: why in the world did the click wheel get smaller?! Nobody in their right mind should even bother reviewing the new revision, since there isn't a need for a review. You know how long it'll last if you attempt to squint your eyes for hours on end. Around 3 hours of squinting at that 2.5-inch screen. I'll love that. Nothing else has changed about it. NOTHING. :P

Then, we have the new iMac with iSight built-in and FrontRow remote control system. The iMac G5 was amazing when it first showed up, and this round, it's still amazing. It now comes with Mighty Mouse standard, although I think it should still be packaged with more wireless stuff, you know. But then again, wireless keyboards and mice aren't exactly easy to setup. Now, the iMac comes with more software. FrontRow, I could probably do without. PhotoBooth, I could probably do without. As for the iSight, that I could use. The Apple remote is interesting, but why in the world would I be far away from my computer if I intend to use it? They should include with the notebooks - it would make more sense - connect your notebook to your TV - and enjoy. I don't see any reason for me to wee far away from a nice 17-inch screen. ;) Oh yeah, the Mac mini should get it too. :P

This is bullshit. Don't read this. Then, why did I put this at the end? ;)