Oh Yay, My Results Are Terrible

My Diploma final semester results are out! And they're terrible results! Of course, some people might call it something to die for, but I got a Credit grade for Marketing. It's not exactly all sad. It might be a godsend anyway. :D Well, the Credit grade might send my conditional offers into the land of no offers, or it might actually not change anything anyway. All the conditional offers are pretty vague. By vague, I mean really vague. We're talking about the really really really vague type of vague. Rejection might make my life easier also. No difficult decision to make, and no regrets since I did the best I could for my Marketing subject. Ah, the joys of not doing well.

Of course, I must seem pretty happy for someone who just screwed up royally in my Marketing subject. :D I was sort of completely prepared for such a thing to happen, and so I'm pretty satisfied that nothing went really wrong and my predictions for all of my subjects were pretty accurate, so I'd have to say I'm quite satisfied with my results. Happy, no, but satisfied yes. Sure, no long line of distinction grades, but grades are grades - that's all they are. ;)

Now, I'm off to try out my latest Magic deck. Haha. ;)