Teaser Photos - PSP Box

What better to whet your appetite with some really useless photos? The box as it is usually displayed.

The bottom of the box - the part you need to claim warranty. ;)

The box at the back - depicting the part people will gawk at while they walk past - PSP.

The right side of the box - saying it's region 2 - Japan. PSP1000K means it's a PSP1000 (Japan), the K denotes value pack. ;)

A blurred view of the left side, the one with the bar code and all the formalities.


Hey, I did say it was a teaser - no peeking except into an empty box. Muahahahahhaha. This used to hold what is depicted on the top portion - a PSP, hand strap, soft case, 32MB MS Duo with PSP markings, wired remote, and wired earphones, as well as what isn't depicted there: AC Adapter, battery pack, power cord and manual (in Japanese, of course. :D).

Enjoy this teaser - the next teaser will come loaded with pictures of accesories I got with it as well as accesories I bought to use with it. ;)