Life with a New Device

How much have I been using my new device? Not much. Why? I've realised a fundamental flaw - I lack the courage to use it. It's been here for quite a while - but I dare not use it as much as I think I would. It's with me all the time - I want to play it. There's nothing quite like killing stuff on the go, or racing at unrealistic speeds, and soon a little more than I would have expected. The device would change what I had thought it could do. Its battery life had become immaterial in face of all the things it could do. I had condemned the device before for its battery life, its lack of many things - but things change when you actually look at it.

I saw this device for real, in actual use - and I felt it was practical for all it was worth. I had seen all the things it could do - and I would believe for the most part that it would become a success not in the market most people thought it would be fighting for. The device is meant to hit more markets than just the gaming market. It was meant to hit the average consumer. The average person should walk around with one - not because this average reasonable person thought it would be nice, but because it has other more practical uses in store.

I highly doubt this device is outselling its competitor in certain regions because of the same reason its competitor is outselling it in Japan, but likely due to its other attractions.

Wait for my full review of this device soon. ;)