Teaser Photos - What Came with It

Now, the next set of teaser photos tell you what came with it! (which you should already know, so this teaser is kinda pointless, to be honest. :D AC adapter. Power cord I ignored, since you can probably see it for your self - like on your printer etc.

Wired remote - small and comes with a clip - very handy.

Earphones - this pair isn't really the best - I prefer using my OYOYO instead of these. :D

The soft case - that doesn't really protect as well as you might think - it's sufficient for most things like pocket abuse, bag abuse - but it likely wouldn't help with a 2 storey fall. ;)

The Memory Stick Duo - a lot smaller than pictured here. LOL Enough for save games and the occasional update - but not enough for anything else - I'll get a bigger one soon. :D

Hand strap - not very flexible, has the trademark four buttons symbols on it, still on my PSP, so you guys get a good peek at it. :D

Well, you get to see the half of the rear of my PSP - with the battery pack! I brightened it so you could see the embossed words.

Teasers will be completed soon - the next step is the accesories and games I bought to use with it! :D Stay tuned... :D