LAN Party - January 2005

Well, I'd have to say the same problem that plagued me the last time plagued me again this time - my senses were dulled due to lack of sleep. I remember the time in the morning during one of the 2003 LAN parties - I was king. :D The LAN party started at around 5pm when chewxy, f1freak and I decided to move chewxy's comp downstairs to join mine in his mother's music room. We set up the computers - and it was party time. Two computer and three people was hilarious fun and we attempted to whack each other in Counter-Strike: Source. After a while, maybe around 8pm, my small brother arrived. He could kick some serious butt - (OK, it was more like f1freak's butt). Before that, I decided to make some switches to the power management so that we could sustain the four computers expected to arrive. At around 8 something, CKL, arrived with his beautiful LCD screen (envy!). His graphics card started acting funny (it needed heat to function). He spent quite a while trying to fix that problem while f1freak and my younger bro were battling it out in Counter-Strike: Source. At nearly 11pm, muuti arrived with his computer. He brought the entire monitor box with him (unlike me) and we spent some time setting it up. The LAN party had finally reached its full roster, although some of the participants (f1freak and my younger bro) had to leave. We played one round of Warcraft 3, some Unreal Tournament 2004, some Serious Sam 2, some Dota Allstars and some Need for Speed Underground 2. We had a lot of fun, but the serious lack of participants and computers had made the LAN party a little dry.

There was a funny thing that happened though - we decided to try out this Seriously Warped Deathmatch that came with Serious Sam 2. We played a few crazy maps, including one that was absolutely odd where there was no top or bottom. I enjoyed myself thoroughly - but I think a 6600GT sitting in my computer would have absolutely changed my standings.