Stargate Atlantis

I pretty sure a large number of science fiction fans would have been raving over the two seasons for the two Stargate series we have. To be honest, I think you guys would probably be attacking seeders for Battlestar Galactica too - so let's get to the point. The last episode of Stargate Atlantis season 1 aired on SKYone a few days ago, and probably left fans raving for more. I highly doubt Stargate Atlantis could reach the depth of Stargate SG1 did - and it's likely that there will be inconsistencies between the two series eventually. It's sad to see the inconsistencies between the series, but I believe it is for the better - the new facts usually either make more sense or make for better stories. I'm kinda impartial to Rainbow being pushed back to being just a recurring character, but I think I would love the doctor as a cast regular. :D What about SG1? It's moving into its ninth season - which I would say must be the best ever possible for a science fiction series. The episodes in the eighth season are superb, probably thanks to the depth generated by countless episodes between various parties. It's currently being shown on (dunno what channel, forgot :P). I believe The Reckoning Part Two just aired recently, and it delves deeper into a few major arcs in the SG1 storyline - the Ancients, the Replicators, Goa'uld, and the semi ascended Anubis. The two-part season finale is said to be phenomenal and supposedly will outdo all time travel stories ever done before. The only sad part about season nine of SG1 is that it's likely Richard Dean Anderson will show up a lot less often (recurring character, probably) - and because he's playing Jack O'Neill, the bugger who's pretty important in the Stargate universe to being with, it's unknown how it is finally going to work out. But I remember somewhere that they're going to reduce his importance in season nine by putting some general in charge of the SGC - supposed to be Russian or something - I don't know - not that I care so much for future season spoilers - all I care for is that there is a season nine.

I'm still waiting for news for the second Stargate movie - if there will be any. :(