Miracle? Probably Not.

Yesterday, I got into a heated battle with one of the traders on LowYat.Net. I'd have to say that it was my fault. I was poking a little too hard for my own good, I suppose. Frankly, never did expect it to happen that way. From bad to worse, we both made rash decisions and eventually it led to a disaster which I would say should have ended today when he started listening to what I had to say. I would have to say that my decisions should stay as they are - I will still probably want to sell the card off if there is one for me at the end of this. This will probably be the last graphics card bulk I will ever join for the next few years. I suppose I should do some soul searching after this to find out what started this - was it me or was it shared? About the miracle in the title, my phone line got struck by lightning today. It surged through my surge protector, into my DSL modem and into my phone. I saw the spark. It felt hot and felt like it had hit me. I imeediately shut down the computer in fear of further damage. Just on Friday, I was talking with chewxy about how he and I were completely opposites. He was the embodiment of Murphy's Law for electronics, and I was the complete opposite. The modem survived the blast, the phone survived the blast and so did the surge protector. How was that possible? I really don't know. To me, it was impossible to begin with. I lost two modems to the force of lightning before.

I probably won't be tempting fate so much any more. Rainy season coming in a few months. Time to change habits for a while. ;)