You'll notice the mention of a 50mm prime. What the hell is that? If you haven't already noticed - I've gotten plenty of control over depth of field recently - and my photos have somehow gotten sharper. The flash has somehow become more diffused than it used to be.

Yep - that's right, I went through a few cameras - and now I'm finally settling with a DSLR - just a year after my 3-year-old Cybershot point-and-shoot decided to leave this world for a better place. I've gone through two cameras - and soon, I'll have the camera I have been planning to buy ever since it was announced. Which one? I'll wait until I can get a good shot of it with a friend's dSLR.

What might surprise you? I'm in the Nikon camp! Aha - that might give you a great clue as to what it is!

It's just another new hobby, together with speedcubing.

A flower from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Taken with an 18-55mm DX VR at 22mm, f/4 with a shutter speed of 1/250

I have a long way to go before good photos do show up. Heh.