Another New Year

It's yet another new year, after another year of newfound knowledge and revelations. I didn't get into Honours year - but I have taken up two new hobbies - photography and speedcubing. I made fewer resolutions in 2008, with intent of keeping some of them. Guess how many I did keep? One. Yet again, I did not finish my game engine. I didn't get a job - well, not a job in the strictest sense of the word. I did find work. I did indeed cook more - not much more than 2007, but enough to keep a lot of food money to myself. Considering how many PSP games came out this year (not many), I thought that it would be a bad idea to go wasting time trying to program for PSP since the platform was apparently slowing down.

This year - the goals are generally straightforward:

1. Get my photography up to scratch - I still suck at taking photos, be it visualizing photos, or even just getting shots with my ultrasharp 50mm prime.

2. Learn how to solve a megaminx - I'm quite sure this won't be too big a problem, but hey, you'd never know.

3. Get a job - Now that I've graduated and have decided to not study any more for a while, it's time to enter the working world and find a job. The economic downturn won't make this easy, but I certainly hope I'll be employed before the latter half of 2009.

4.  Learn how to solve the 5x5x5 cube without a formula sheet - LOL.

5. Get my 3x3x3 solving skill into the sub-40 second range. (I'm now in sub-60.)

6. Put way more stories on Pressyo.

7. Study smarter! Work harder! Sleep more! (LOL)