Praying to Resin Statues

In 2006, I made an impulse decision to buy two resin statues of Magic: the Gathering characters. One was of Eight-and-a-Half-Tails and another was of the Kodama of the North Tree. While I'm not gonna post photos of them, since they're no longer out on show like they used to be in my Arrow apartment, and they were pretty stupid purchases since nobody I knew appreciated them. Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm pretty bad at controlling my spending. I buy loads of random stuff on a whim, and it's usually worked for me.

I tend to think a lot when buying stuff, and this is one of the two really impulse purchases I've ever made. The other one is a story for another day. So, like always, I bring back some bulky box into my small Arrow apartment, stuff them into the storage (my apartment was a corner, so it had a small storage space). Anyway, I took them both out to examine. I found one of them lightly damaged, nothing I couldn't fix - so I put up the other one with a view to alternate every once in a while.

Needless to say, having a fox on somewhat of a stage/pedestal that looks like some kind of extravagant deity in addition to my already slightly strange behaviour - led to my housemate asking me whether or not I pray to the thing. And he wasn't kidding. *sweat*

After moving to my new place, I didn't display either since I didn't have the table space for them. (Arrow had these low drawers that I couldn't really do much with, so I just put the resin statue on one of them.)

Well, so here, there are in storage and not doing anything at all! Cool eh? Well - at least no one will think I pray to a nine-tailed fox deity and a monstrous looking forest spirit - right?