The Loss of a Hard Drive

I've recently lost a hard drive worth of data. I lost roughly 80GBs of replaceable data, and managed to recover all of the data I lost that was irreplaceable. Either way, it is one of the many distractions that have come up with every day life, and just like how you (may or may not) have enjoyed my regular 3 day interval posts, sadly, that has to come to and end as I am now coming up on what must be among the most difficult set of exams yet.

I haven't actually seen the papers or have that much of an idea of how difficult they are, but I think that if I fool around any more, I'll be quite dead when exam time rolls along. This is coupled with other factors like gaming and writer's block - so expect a disruption in the scheduling of posts - again.

Blogging isn't an essential part of my life, and so takes very low priority. And yet again it will suffer erratic updates.