Looking for a Housemate

uranium238 is moving out with his brother, so now I have to look for a new housemate. Anyway, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to show off what my apartment actually looks like in addition to advertising it. :D It's a big place. No one can argue about it. It's an apartment along Cardigan Street opposite the University of Melbourne Health Service - which is greatly convenient when you're sick. :P

uranium238 and I bought a washer, dryer and fridge to meet our needs. The kitchen is normal-sized. :D

Behold! My kitchen! LOL. cfgt_kitchen.jpg

It's generally difficult to convey how big my place actually is. The bedroom isn't large, but the living area is massive. Not that I hold parties or anything, but it sure is nice to have a place to all 4 people to actually sit down while playing Fuzion Frenzy, a place to stand while playing Mario Party 8 with 4 people, a place to play DDR, and when the time comes, a place for those Rock Band drum controllers. Just in an attempt to convey how much space there actually is, I took two photos.



I've posted many photos of my room before. I think. Anyway, here's the current state of my room - the closer it is to exam time, the more groceries stack in the room, and the messier it is - just like the state of my mind when I get a memory-type dream, but more on that later.


Note how you can see exactly only one console in the photo, but if you look closer, you'll see a controller for another console somewhere. :D