Yes, I know I'm like a month late, but I finally got hold of a copy of Bioshock for XBox 360. My borrowed Windows computer won't run it. What is with games and ridiculous requirements these days?! Bioshock is pretty awesome. The gameplay is very interesting, and I'm obviously having loads of fun hacking the numerous bots, turrets, safes, cameras, vending machines and the lot. I loved Pipe Dream then, so it's no big surprise that I still like it now.

I think I'm about a third or so into the game after playing it the whole day. I'm taking my own sweet time to explore every crevice and grab anything I can lay my hands on. It's been a great game so far, although I think I'll probably take a while to finish it. It's that kind of game. Take your own sweet time to explore, enjoy, and have fun while slowly progressing through the level.

By the way, the water is nice, but it does behave funnily sometimes. Go figure.