Random Idea - 12th July 2007

There are rules in this world. However, they can be bent to perverse ends, causing what you would see as an anomaly to simply be normal in the flow of events. To this extent, any human can gain the abilities you have seen so far over the course of time you have spent here. It is not to say that you could gain the same abilities they do, but spend enough time with them and it will not be long before you will gain the same abilities that they wield as if it were nothing. Of course, first you'd have to contend with how to live among them without the same powers they do.

They can access data by merely touching the terminals, but you cannot. They can order food by merely channeling enough data into the grid in the floor. It will not be long before you will find yourself alienated by their very norms because you do not have the same abilities they do. Of course, there will be those among them who are disabled and do not have the ability - and that is how you will live until you possibly gain it, of which the probability is slim.

They are actually of the same origin as you, with a possible genetic predisposition. There is no evolution at hand here, merely a massive process of learning to be done. It may take until your next lifetime before you complete your learning process, but nothing can stop you if there is a will to do it.