Chapter 1 Part 1: Awakening

The room was familiar. He remembered the bed, the white sheet, even the bedside cabinet. He knew where he was. He knew it was somewhere safe. He reached out to the bedside table for something. Something was supposed to be there. He couldn't find it. Despite being in a familiar room, it felt disjointed to him. He could not recall why he was in this room. He found himself asking the strangest question: "Where am I?". He began to scan the room. He could see a data terminal nearby. There was something on it. It was what he wanted. He got out the bed and immediately grabbed it.

It was a small little thing. A form of watch, to be exact. The back of the object read:

PDD Kanya Methodius

"Kanya?", he thought. "Is that my name?"

He searches his memories for a recollection of his name. He recalls being called that, and how ridiculous a name he thought it was then.

He puts on the PDD. It tells him that it is the 29th of April, 3031. He knows the situation he is in now. He now recalls why he is here. He was in a training accident more than a year ago. However, his memory tells him that accident was yesterday. He checks his PDD for recent recordings and photos. He finds that his PDD is completely devoid of such things. He still has other pieces of information (such as contact details) on it, however. His PDD has obviously been updated in the past year. He sees strange new menu items such as "Locator" and "Ping".

He opens up the Locator application. He sees that he is within a medical care unit room within a Medical Vessel owned by the TRi. He heads for the door with the intention of looking for someone. He leaves his room and follows the map on his PDD to find the medical care office. He finds a room - "Chief Medical Officer - Harrison". He wonders why there is no one around the medical unit. He opens the door.

He finds a man busy doing some typing. The man looks up and gets a little startled. "You're awake!"

Kanya is puzzled by his reaction.

"You haven't been responding to any treatment we've been giving you since the accident. And now, you are bloody awake and walking around in the middle of the night!"


"You aren't a ghost or spirit or something, right? It's way past midnight, I might be seeing things."

"I assure you that you are not. What the hell is going on?"

"Well, er, let me pull up your file, Kanya."

Harrison reaches out to the display and suddenly a file on Kanya opens.

"You see, you've been in a coma-like state ever since the accident, if you remember. Some newbie pilot rammed straight into you during landing. For some odd reason or another, you refused to come out of the coma even after several different treatments, even newer ones. At some point, you were moved into this unit for looking after. If you looked around, this particular unit on this vessel specialises in comatose patients and the rooms around you are similar. Usually people are only put here when their families have given up on waiting for them to heal on colonies. Research puts heavily regulated environments like on a medical ship as ideal for comatose patients to recover. And you're just another piece of walking proof. It still is rare though. But recovery time on ships is still a good amount higher than on planets."

Kanya is speechless at the information Harrison is feeding him.

"I suggest you do go back to your own room and sleep. I'll arrange something of a checkup tomorrow to make sure you're all OK, even if the vitals here on my screen say so. For now, it's the middle of the night. No urgency - you've been somewhat dead for a year anyway."