Weird Dreams Part 4

By now, you're probably wondering why I'm writing about my dreams. My dreams happen to be more interesting than my real life at this point in time. You might not find them as weird as I do, but they sure are weird. Arguably, everybody doesn't dream straight, but there have been creepier dreams. When I was a lot younger, say 10 years ago, I dreamt of what I now know of as the backdoor passage to one of HELP's lecture theatres. That dream was particularly weird because I have never been to one of HELP's lecture theatres. I had never seen a single photo of the passage, nor have I seen it until I actually went to HELP.

Well, you might say that, hey, it's just a passage, surely there must be some permutation in my dream that led to that particular passage. Maybe. You'd never know. While I have never had any particularly prophetic dream, these dreams do often cause feelings of deja vu. A particular conversation with a friend about a very particular topic, going a very particular direction - and you know exactly what you're about to say, and what your friend is going to reply.

Where am I going exactly? I don't mark many of my dreams as particularly peculiar, since most of them I forget. But those I remember - are the weird ones.