Weird Dreams Part 3

(Why is this in another part? My short attention span.) OK, so I don't like MMORPGs. I can't stand them. I don't see how people could spend more than one or two months on a single game! But that's straying away from the point. So, apparently I play MMORPGs.

When the dream begins, my friends and I walk through the first newsagent, browse through several magazines, and then go to the cybercafe. We play for hours, then come back. This somehow repeats itself several times with foggier details. On some days, we buy drinks, on others we are somehow eating fried noodles on the way. (wtf?!)

Then comes this one fine day, when a friend of mine tells me while he's on the way back that my favourite magazine came with this CD with the expansion of the MMORPG I've been playing. I go look through the first newsagent, to find nothing. I then go to the second one. For some odd reason, I run into someone of interest. I have no idea who this someone is, but I happen to think the it's a she, and she got a copy of the magazine for me. (weird >_>). I thank her for it and move along after maybe an hour of chit chat at some drink store.

I head to the internet cafe, and then the dream ends. :P