Weird Dreams Part 1

This dream I had not too long ago. I was going to some kind of party. I can't tell if it was some kind of house, or club, or something. The first weird part of this dream is that I practically don't go to parties, or clubs, or anything. I suppose it could happen in some future, but it hasn't happened and probably won't happen for a while. The next weird thing is that I have a car. Not just any old car apparently, because in the dream I expected the car to follow me through the parking lot while I was on foot. So, I have this car. I'm certain I can drive this particularly odd car, since I had my hands on the steering wheel. I followed the map of directions to the place.

It included a strange instruction, which was to keep to the left of the parking gate (I don't know what you call them, but it's one of those pole things that lift and drop to let cars pass through. Then, I'm supposed to turn right to a booth. After reaching this booth, I get out of my car, and go to the booth. I then continue to walk in (oddly enough, expecting my car to follow me), and then I look back after a few steps, finding that my car has disappeared.

For some odd reason, I didn't find this weird. I continued walking in this place for the party or something. Apparently, I brought the 3rd disc of three matching discs, and put it into this 3 disc player of sorts. For some reason or another, I didn't dream what happened at this party.

I left the place after meeting a few people, including what I seemed to think of as a rather bitchy princess. (???) Then, I went to look for my car. Unsurprisingly, I didn't find it where I expected it to be. (???) So, I called my dad. (I think it was my dad, who knows?) We then looked all over the parking lot, and found it (obviously) wasn't in the parking lot.

We finally found my car next to some fence with some other cars in another neighbouring parking lot.

For some weird reason, I came back the following day to help clean up. Someone's mom was there. (I assume the bitchy princess, for some odd reason.) I go to the 3 disc player to find my discs inside, but the cases were missing. I asked this lady where they were, and she said she found a case, but it wasn't for any of my discs.

For some odd reason, this became an arduous quest with journeys through cliff and caverns to retrieve this cases. I somehow had to dodge many challenges (???), and fight off ninja cats (yes, this is where it all just goes nuts like dreams always do). Just as I was about the acquire the second case, I got killed.

I somehow, resurrected, now also with ninja cat capabilities, and avenged my death. (weird, huh.) And then, I woke up.

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