Weird Dreams Part 2

This dream I had about a month ago. In my dreams, I happen to somehow dream up entire shopping malls. Don't ask me why or how, but for some odd reason I happen to be capable of generating an entire shopping mall in a dream. I don't go through the entire shopping mall, but I often know what is on which floor, even in my dream. (Weird, since I'm not some shopping-loving maniac or something.) Hence, this dream takes place in a familiar shopping mall. It happens to have 4 floors, but floor of particular interest in this dream happens to be the basement floor. This particular shopping mall happens to have a cybercafé on the basement floor. I will elaborate on this floor since I happen to recall a large amount of the layout.

This floor has a flight of stairs leading down to the basement. An up escalator is next to this stairs (no down escalator). Next to the staircase is a newsagent. This newsagent happens to have a healthy stock of my favourite gaming magazine.

A significant part of this particular basement floor is a pane of glass between the shoppers and the parking lot. However, there are plenty of shops along the way, among which is a game shop, several snack stores and most importantly, an internet gaming cafe.

I appear to remember frequenting this internet gaming cafe. (I have only visited gaming cafes like nine times my entire life, so no I don't have any idea why. And why in the bloody basement?) There happens to be another newsagency next to this cybercafe. It happens to survive because it sells plenty of gaming magazines also.

In this dream, I happen to like MMORPGs. I play them like ordinary games. My friends also happen to enjoy some of the same games. (Weird details, eh?)

(to be continued...)